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The Ultimate Journey with Denise Linn

to Let Go of Physical, Emotional, & Mental Clutter

A four-week program offering an in-depth clearing and cleansing

dedicated to healing your physical body, removing clutter from your home, and lightening your life.

If not now, when?


Be Free of Limiting Beliefs

Be Free of Clutter in Your Home

Be Free of Emotional Baggage

Be Free to Cherish Your Body

Be Free of Whatever Is Holding You Back

Be Free to Choose Your Destiny

Includes 28 LIVE Webinars

Online Program

June 1 – 28, 2023


This is a healing journey!

Your life will not be the same, in seeming miraculous and wondrous ways.

In the BE FREE 28-day Program, you will have an opportunity to spend time tuning into each part of your body. You will go deep into the consciousness of each gland, organ, limb, and vessel to activate and initiate its Light and clear out any “clutter.”

Additionally, in this program you will experience and discover the true magic of clutter clearing in your home. It is modern day alchemy; it transforms your life in miraculous ways! Identify what is cluttering your life and begin the remarkable journey to release it and lighten up your life.

Plus, much much more!

I’m Ready to Be Free!


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My Dearest Fellow Soul Travelers,

Over the decades, I have seen the incredible results that clutter clearing can bring into someone’s life. Clearing your inner and outer clutter can help remove blockages . . . so you can attain excellent relationships, more abundance, greater health, and more success in all areas of life.

Inner and outer clutter clearing at any time of life is a good idea; however, right now may be the most powerful time in the next 60 years to clear your clutter!

The clearing you do now will plant potent seeds for your life for the decades ahead. The chaos of the last few years has been a kind of tilling of the soil of society. The hard ground of antiquated beliefs, rigid organizations, and political structures have been upended. Now, into that tilled soil, is the time to plant seeds for your future. What you plant now will grow and multiply in the decades ahead.

2024 will be a year of rapid growth, so you will want to make sure that you have cleared inner and outer clutter and planted your dreams for the future, especially before 2024. (Once that rapid growth begins, it will be more challenging to take the essential steps to create a foundation for your dreams to come true.)

To me this feels urgent…not just for each of us individually, but also for the benefit of the planet. If you are interested in clearing your clutter and clearing your body of emotional blockages, I’d love to have you join me. I look forward to supporting you toward your destiny.






Every day, for 28 days, journey deep within to clear blockages and clutter clear your home and life.

Here are some of the profoundly sacred inner journeys you’ll have an opportunity to experience.

  • Discover what inner and outer clutter is blocking your life.
  • Travel back in time to hear the voices of your ancestors to clear your bloodline.
  • Take healing inner journeys into your cells and DNA to activate increased vitality.
  • Embark on past life journeys to clear blockages from your previous incarnations.
  • Experience a past life regression to ignite talents and abilities from your far past to bring more freedom into your present.
  • Travel on shamanic journeys that take you into ancient realms.
  • Take meditative spiritual treks into the mystical forest that exists on the inner planes. What magic awaits you there!
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and listen while they instruct you on how to become even freer.
  • Activate your immune system even more.

“Be Free” Meditation with Denise Linn

Letting Go & Lightening Up




During the 28-Day Program, You will receive DAILY GUIDANCE that includes:


LIVE WEBINARS: Every day, for 28 days, you will have an opportunity to watch a LIVE webinar with Denise Linn, Meadow Linn, or another presenter.


LIGHT-BODY INITIATIONS: Every day, for 28 days, you will be given an assignment regarding a different part of your body. You will be going in-depth into the consciousness of that area to clear energy blockages, understand the specific meaning of that body part, and infuse and initiate light. You will be amazed at what a difference this makes in your life. By the end of the 28 days, your entire body will radiate even more light.


CLUTTER CLEARING ACTIVITIES: Clutter clearing is modern day alchemy; it can transform your life in miraculous ways! Identity what is cluttering your life – it might surprise you – and begin the remarkable journey to release it. Every day you will get an assignment for clutter clearing, including guidance on what the meaning is for the specific area of your home. By following practical, carefully-crafted daily steps, you’ll uncover your authentic self and become lighter in the process.


AUDIO MEDITATIONS:  Every day, for 28 days, you will receive a new audio meditation. Imagine being able to set the tone for your day as you are guided through a gentle loving meditation process to reprogram any old, negative beliefs and activate even more light into your life.


PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS: Sometimes experiences in past lives have a way of holding us back. Explore and release limitations from your far past for increased freedom and joy in your present.


AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: Shift your neural pathways and reprogram your brain with life affirming affirmations to uplift and support what you are ready to create in your life.


ORACLE CARD FOR THE DAY: Discover your daily message from Spirit. Every day, for 28 days, we will send you a card that was intuitively pulled for that particular date.


SONG FOR THE DAY: Music can transform our energy and raise our vibration. Shake your body, and allow the rhythm of the music to surge through you as your energy rises higher and higher!


I’m Ready to Let Go!

(Note: Payment confirmation and your official welcome from Denise and Meadow will be sent to your PayPal email address.)