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Are you living the life of your dreams? Or, are you playing small?

Are you dreaming big enough to reach your fullest potential?

What could you do? Who could you become? And what gifts could you share with the world if you allowed for the limitless possibility of your own potential?


 The time is now!


Delicious Life Coaching’s soul-driven process will show you how to plant seeds that will grow into a bountiful harvest.

Are you held back by fear, unhealthy habits, or lack of motivation? Through Delicious Life Coaching you can improve your health, increase your abundance, find and live your passion, and build beautiful loving relationships. In your private coaching sessions with Meadow, world-renowned chef and expert on savoring, you will gain the tools to live the delicious life you want to be living…now!

Could you use a little boost discovering your passion, living your purpose, or expanding your dreams? Could you benefit from guidance when it comes to knowing what to eat or how to ignite your most healthy, vibrant, and joyful self? Do you want to bring more happiness into your daily routine?

Imagine feeding yourself delicious and nourishing meals that are fun and easy to prepare.
Imagine treating yourself with the same love and care that you give to friends, family, and co-workers.
Imagine feeling energized by the food you eat instead of dragged down.
Imagine being so excited to cook that you can’t wait to step into your kitchen.
Imagine leaping out of bed every morning with a huge smile because you’re so passionate about your life.
Imagine opening your closet and feeling absolutely amazing, no matter what you put on.
Imagine savoring your morning coffee in a home that makes you feel safe, expansive, and abundant.
Imagine having enough money to donate to your favorite causes and charities.
Imagine sharing a cup of tea with a group of kind, supportive, and inspiring friends who love you and accept you just as you are.
Imagine feeling immense gratitude every day because you have the energy to chase after your kids/grandkids.

If you want this to be your life, then Delicious Life Coaching is for you! It’s is a gateway through which your heart will open even more fully to the beautiful world around you. Magic will abound!

Hear from those who are living deliciously

Here’s what Meadow’s clients are saying about Delicious Life Coaching


I heartily recommend Delicious Life Coaching with Meadow. She gently, but firmly, coached me to answer my own questions and clarify my goals. As an extra treat she took me on a Soul Journey, which in addition to being great fun and a chance to explore my imagination was also very healing.

Heather James

Artist , United Kingdom

Meadow is an amazing coach! She helped me to make some truly life changing breakthroughs in the kindest and gentlest way possible. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Amy Hermans

Kindergarten Teacher , Massachusetts

Meadow has that beautiful ability to allow you to see the sweetness in your life; even when you were feeling it was a bit sour. Her sense of humor and perspective on appreciating each moment brings balance back in.  When you need ways to take action on savoring life more, Meadow is the coach you need.

LuAnn Cibik

Feng Shui Consultant , Pittsburgh

Meadow is all kinds of fabulous! Her energy is lovely and she makes you believe you can do anything. She is very good at breaking things down so that you can see action steps ahead of you, instead of just feeling stuck. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to receive coaching about; just schedule a time and talk with her and you’ll be surprised at what comes up, as if your soul planned this all along (because, of course, it did). Meadow does a lovely job of turning what is happening to us into what we can make happen for ourselves.

Karen Gabler

Attorney , Los Angeles

Interested in Some Delicious Life Coaching?

Exclusive One-on-One Coaching with Meadow Linn

Meadow works with a select few private coaching clients. Initial Delicious Life Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length and are also recorded for your reference. She offers ongoing coaching for 60 and 30-minute sessions, and there is a great discount for selecting a package of several sessions. Having a series of session keeps you on track with the changes you are making in your life, and offer support during what can be a bumpy time.

Contact Meadow@MeadowLinn.com for coaching rates and package deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a busy life. Can I fit Delicious Life Coaching in?

Yes you can! The program can take as little time as you like each day. It’s more about the intentions you set, and our easy suggestions and processes fit with everything you are doing daily anyways!

Can I work with Meadow even if I don't live nearby?

Yes! Meadow offers coaching in person, on the phone and on Skype.

Does this involve cooking? I'm not a good cook!

No, this program is not about cooking. However, food is one of the essential aspects of a sweet life. So while you might not be cooking, you will be learning to appreciate and savor the food you eat even more.

How is this different than the group online program?

The group online program uses key components of Meadow’s personal program, but obviously lack that personal touch. Working one-on-one with Meadow as your personal coach for a Delicious life, keeps you accountable and working towards you goal.

Learn the keys to

Savoring your Life

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