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Have you ever experienced the tranquility of entering a coffee shop in the early morning hours?

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee embraces you . . .greeting you like a dear friend. Soft music and the quiet hum of the espresso machine fills the background. The barista welcomes you with a warm smile as you are handed your coffee. There is a moment of intimate connection – a shared appreciation for the stillness in those early hours. You find a table next to a window.

Sunlight streams in and pours over your table as you cup your coffee in your hands. You inhale and the rising fragrant steam transports you to other times and other places, as you relax and let go. In this moment all is well, so very well. In the sanctuary of this haven, you know that you are a sacred voyager into other realms – inner and outer.  You know that while the world sleeps, you are indeed a Star Traveler.

Welcome to the Mystic Café

my fellow


The journey begins here.

Travel to inner and outer realms with us.

Join us at the Mystic Café for good conversation, healing, and galactic travels through time and space without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

If you want to transform your life, make a difference in the world, and meet new friends along the way, pull up a chair at The Mystic Café.

When you enter the Mystic Café, you immediately become a Star Traveler. Leave behind the confines of the world you know to travel freely to experience life as you’ve never known it before.

I really can’t explain in words how much this means to me. I felt like I was in a cave and now I’ve moved out into the sunshine. It is amazing how much I’ve accomplished since working with Meadow and Denise. I feel like the inspirational floodgates are wide open!!
Kimberly Byerly

Oviedo, FL

Come join us at the Mystic Café, where we’ll pour you a cup and serve up savory morsels of wisdom, joy, fun, and transformation.

Doors Closed for 2024

What is…

My beloved fellow Star Travelers, we have created the Mystic Cafe Community just for you. Every month we will travel through carefully crafted explorations of different themes, each aimed at enhancing your well-being and spiritual connection.

The Mystic Café is an online community to gather with other Star Travelers to learn, connect, play, and explore together.

Denise Linn has been traveling the globe internationally for over 50 years studying with indigenous tribes and teaching everything from dream analysis and reincarnation to feng shui, space clearing, and clutter clearing. The Mystic Café is the culmination of her decades-long career. This is a unique opportunity to glean her knowledge, make new friends, and delve deep into the connection between your mind, body, and spirit for personal transformation and global healing.

At The Mystic Café, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with Denise Linn and Meadow Linn as well as the other Star Travelers for unforgettable moments, memorable spiritual feasts, and legendary experiences.

Each person can help make the world a better place for future generations.
Denise Linn presents bold and visionary methods that create a powerful blueprint for a positive future.

Deepak Chopra

Author, Founder of The Chopra Center


Discover Deep Core Patterns Lodged in Your Chakras
Live Past Life Regressions and Beyond
Powerful Shamanism Secrets for your Life
Kindling Your Native Spirit
Learn Your True Spirit Name
Meet Your Personal Spirit Helpers
Clear Your Ancestral Lineage/Your Bloodline
Incredible Cellular Regeneration
Understanding the Power of Your Dreams
Your Home’s Individual Feng Shui and Beyond
7-day Clutter Challenge – Home and Health
Learn Which Room is Most Important (for you personally) to Clutter Clear
Ultimate Space Clearing
Best Methods to Call Angels
Stepping into an Incredible Future

I have never before encountered someone with the same exceptional level of personal coaching skill as that possessed by Meadow Linn. Her coaching abilities are those of a master. I was flabbergasted by the amazing results of my work with her.
Mary O.

Dilworth MN


Membership Includes

Monthly live webinar with Denise
Written activity for the month
Monthly Energy Forecast
Receiving Signs from Spirit: A Sign for the Month
Monthly Q & A with Meadow
Ongoing support
Community – Connection with other Star Travelers


Membership Includes

Monthly live webinar with Denise
Written activity for the month
Monthly Energy Forecast
Receiving Signs from Spirit: A Sign for the Month
Monthly Q & A with Meadow
Ongoing support
Community – Connection with other Star Travelers


Monthly Oracle Card
Monthly Affirmation
Café playlist
First to learn about upcoming events
Induction as a Star Traveler with official downloadable certificate
Mystic Café and Star Traveler exclusive merchandise
Substantial discounts on Denise and Meadow’s Personal Online Events

(Theses are events created solely by Denise Linn or Meadow Linn, and not Hay House, Celebrate Your Life, or other sponsored events)


Join us at the Mystic Café

Doors Closed for 2024

Benefits of Joining

  1. Embark on Mystical Encounters
  2. Gain Wisdom to Move You Forward in Your Journey
  3. Create a Monthly Ritual of Self Growth & Love
  4. Become Part of a Community of Like-Minded Friends
  5. Gain Support, Love, & Encouragement from Denise and Meadow Linn

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this membership?
  • Monthly live webinar with Denise
  • Written activity for the month
  • Monthly Energy Forecast
  • Receiving Signs from Spirit: A Sign for the Month
  • Monthly Joy Activation prompt
  • Monthly Q & A with Meadow
  • Ongoing Support
  • Community – Connection with other Star Travelers
What is the difference between the Mystic Cafe Membership vs. your other courses & Facebook groups?

The Mystic Café is an ongoing community with monthly virtual gatherings and activities, as well as continued support, love, and connection in our Facebook group. Additionally, once you join the Mystic Café you become a Star Traveler and gain access (via a special password) to all the current and past Mystic Café offerings.

I've taken other divination/metaphysical courses. What is different about this community?

This is not a workshop or a course. The Mystic Café is a virtual gathering place to join other like-minded individuals to make new friends, learn, heal, and undergo spiritual and physical transformation. Plus, as a Star Traveler, you will have unique opportunities to connect with Denise and Meadow Linn.

How does this membership content get delivered to me?

When you join the Mystic Café and become a Star Traveler, you will gain access to the virtual café portal (via a special password) where you will find all the content. Additionally, you will receive emails when new content is available. Live events will take place on Zoom and Facebook.

Are the live calls recorded?

If you’re unable to attend a live session, it’s not a problem. They are recorded.

When are the live calls?

The days and times of the calls will vary.

I don't have Facebook. Can I still join this membership?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you join us. Our private Facebook group offers an added bonus of connecting with other Star Travelers, but it is not required.

How often will I have contact with Denise and Meadow?

There are monthly classes with Denise and Meadow as well as Q & A sessions. Additionally, Meadow will be supporting and guiding you in the Facebook group and offering group coaching there as well.

Do I get certified with this membership?

The Mystic Café is a virtual community for learning, connection, and healing. This is not a certification training. However, you will receive an official Star Traveler downloadable certificate when you become a Mystic Café member.

Do I have time for the Mystic Café?

Yes! You can think of The Mystic Café like your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, where you drop in for good conversation, savory morsels, and a feeling of connection. You can spend as much or as little time in the Mystic Café as you wish. We will provide you with ample activities, exercises, and content that you can nibble or devour depending on what works best for you.

I am having trouble purchasing a membership.

Contact Meadow here and she can walk you through the process.

I met Meadow at a conference and there was something about her that felt like she was the sunshine. I just knew I had to work with her in some way because I wanted some of her mojo – I wanted to figure out how to light myself up again. I loved working with Meadow and I can’t imagine a better teacher and guide to help someone through their journey.
Melissa P.

San Diego, Director of IT for a Nonprofit

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