Savor the Day!

Life moments are to be savored.
Let’s find your path to joyful abundant life.

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10-Day Total Life Reset

Make a Difference,
Clear Mental & Physical Clutter,
Nourish & Nurture Your Soul,
Answer Questions Such As “Who Am I?” and
“Where Am I Heading?”
Coach Others to Find Their Truth 

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New Community for Mystic Encounters, Personal Discovery, & Journeys of the Soul

by Denise & Meadow Linn

10-Day Total Life Reset

Reset Your Life,
Clear Mental & Physical Clutter,
Nourish & Nurture Your Body,
Increase Your Energy,
Detox from People & Activities that Drain You.

Work with Meadow


Are you searching for an inspirational speaker who can ignite the passion for a more vibrant and delicious life in your audience? Meadow Linn is a sought-after inspirational speaker, who excites her listeners into choosing to create a more delicious life for themselves.


Need some guidance to find and realize your dreams? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a jumpstart on healthy eating? Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to start? I can help you with this.

Mystic Chef

Meadow is an accomplished chef who’s been sharing her love of food since she was old enough to crawl into the cupboards. She teaches cooking both in the USA and internationally and is the co-founder of The Mystic Chef® culinary training, which combines spirituality, mindfulness, and consciousness with the act of nourishing ourselves.

Meadow at Hay House Ignite as the Keynote Speaker

Meadow’s unique perspective on life, intertwined with the metaphor of food, will leave your audience energized and motivated to savor every moment.


Meet Meadow

Meadow Linn embodies a unique blend of creativity, coaching, culinary expertise, and a passion for guiding others toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life journey.

She aims to inspire and empower individuals worldwide through a wide array of in-person and online workshops, covering topics such as Soul Coaching®, creativity, writing, health, and wellness. She cherishes her role as a loving mother to two young children and pet mom to her border collie and Maine coon cat while living a vibrant and balanced life.

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I heartily recommend Delicious Life Coaching with Meadow. She gently, but firmly, coached me to answer my own questions and clarify my goals. As an extra treat she took me on a Soul Journey, which in addition to being great fun and a chance to explore my imagination was also very healing.

Heather James

Artist , United Kingdom

Meadow is an amazing coach! She helped me to make some truly life changing breakthroughs in the kindest and gentlest way possible. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Amy Hermans

Kindergarten Teacher , Massachusetts

Meadow has that beautiful ability to allow you to see the sweetness in your life; even when you were feeling it was a bit sour. Her sense of humor and perspective on appreciating each moment brings balance back in.  When you need ways to take action on savoring life more, Meadow is the coach you need.

LuAnn Cibik

Feng Shui Consultant , Pittsburgh

10 Ways to Savor the Moment & Savor Journal

A powerful secret to happiness and longevity, believe it or not, is having dreams for the future and savoring your present. This free download contains my favorite top 10 ways to savor the moments in life. Also, consider creating a SAVOR journal to keep track of all the amazing things in your life that you get to enjoy. Included in the download is a journal to prompt you as you discover and enjoy these little moments that bring joy to your life.

Take a moment, download the journal, and start Savoring the Day!

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