Activate the Writer Within

Crafting Your Personal Story. Crafting Your Life.

One-Day Event with Denise and Meadow Linn


Do you have a message that you’ve been yearning to share?

Do you want to spend more time exploring your inner and outer world?

Do you want to get published?

Do you know who you are?

Do you have a deep dream of becoming a writer? One of the most powerful things that someone can do is to write their personal story.  Not only is it valuable to scribe your legacy but from a spiritual perspective, it is the perhaps the most powerful thing you can do. This process allows for your soul to speak directly to you. It allows you to understand yourself on a very deep level. It can transform your entire life. In a series of powerful inner journeys and writing exercises, you’ll find the authenticity of your soul rising and truly discover the writer within. Of course, you may want to publish your story….So, we’ll be sharing heaps of writing and publishing tips too!

Whether you’re a published author, a frequent journal writer, or someone who only picks up a pen to write the grocery list, you can (and should) consider writing your personal story, both to deepen your personal awareness of your truest self and to create a legacy for your descendants. With carefully-crafted activities that are fun, soulful, and transformational, you’ll activate the writer within. In a safe, loving, and supportive environment you’ll have the opportunity to share your true essence and craft your story and craft your life.

Additionally, you’ll learn foolproof strategies to captivate your audience with your first sentence and how to access thoughts and feelings you didn’t even know you had.

This workshop really moved things creatively for me. I’ve started working on my next book with a completely different feeling. I’m full of ideas and feel very inspired.

Amber Leigh

I really can’t explain in words how much this meant to me. Especially spiritually! I felt like I was in a cave and now I’ve moved out into the sunshine. It is amazing at how much I’ve accomplished since I got back. I feel like the inspirational floodgates are wide open!! Your workshop was the key!

Kim B.

I am able to use what I have learned in business, and in my personal life. What a gift!!

Marian Musgrove

During this workshop, do all of the following, and much, much more:


  • Journey back into your personal past to discover new ways to look at your life
  • Go on an inner journey to step back in time to uncover and discover your life in new ways
  • Learn how to transcribe those experiences into the written word in ways that are compelling and unique
  • Banish your inner critic
  • Learn how to write a kick-ass opening sentence
  • Learn how to transform your story into an effective self-help/personal development article
  • Learn publishing tips
  • Spend quiet time writing
  • Share your story in a supportive, loving group
  • Learn how to write from your heart

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About Denise Linn

Denise is a bestselling, award-winning author who has written 19 books that are available in 29 languages. She’s been leading past life regressions for over 35 years, and she’s one of very few people in the world to periodically regress over 3,000 people at once. She's the founder of the International Institutes of Soul Coaching® and Interior Alignment®. Denise’s workshops are comfortable, enjoyable, and embracing. You will leave with skills to activate even more authenticity and joy in your life.


About Meadow Linn

In addition to co-authoring two of her own Hay House books (translated into five languages), Meadow has edited 15 non-fiction books for major publishing houses. She is a regular contributor to, Australia’s Nature & Health Magazine, and Soul Spring blog. Meadow’s food/photography blog and bi-monthly column in a Seattle newspaper are hugely popular. As a former schoolteacher, Meadow has taught writing to hundreds of students. She passionately loves grammar and finds playing with sentence structure to be ridiculously fun. Meadow has a BA in English from Williams College and a MA from Columbia University.