Tracking the Unseen

Workshop with Denise Linn


Did you know that stepping back into your far past can release and heal present day challenges?
Experiencing past lives can make an enormous difference in your life.
In this experiential workshop, you will take part in live regressions as well as shamanic journeys.

No matter what your past has been, you can create your life anew . . . bright, shimmering and glorious! However, sometimes there are inner barriers that limit your ability to step into your soul’s potential. Some of these obstacles come from mistaken ideas about who you are and what you deserve in life. (And often these beliefs originated in a past life.) Discover who you were in a past life.

Prosperity struggles in your present life might mean misuse of finances in a past life. Being overweight in your present life might mean starving to death in a past incarnation. In this workshop, you’ll experience deep healing and rejuvenation by regressing back into your past lives and releasing deeply rooted blockages at their source. When you clear your past lives, miracles abound!

Denise’s workshops are filled with joy and her profound inner journeys can transform your life.

I had a relationship that was dragging me down. I learned some excellent methods to cut the cords, and I feel so much lighter. I finally feel free!
Cheri M.

I only signed up for this course because I wanted to experience a past life regression, but amazingly an old blockage around prosperity dropped away, and I’m no longer sabotaging my abundance. Great news!
Joelle Asti

During this weekend workshop you will:


  • Step back into your past lives — to release present day blockages
  • Learn how to discover your true name . . . and how it can change your life
  • Your ancestral lineage is still affecting you — clear the bloodline
  • Discover how shamanic practices can activate an incredible future for you and your loved ones
  • Connect with your spirit helpers and discover what they fervently want you to know
  • Learn how to shift the energy of your home for incredible results in your life
  • Understand the three most important aspects of feng shui and how they can apply to your home
  • Realize how clutter clearing can be modern day alchemy and how clearing your clutter can have a mystical effect on your life


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Denise Linn has been teaching for over 50 years. She is recognized as one of the premier practitioners of past life regressions (and regresses up to 3,000 people at a time). She’s the author of 19 books (translated into 29 languages) and has been on the Oprah show several times and has had a popular radio show for 13 years. Denise is also the founder of one of the largest feng shui/space clearing certification programs in the United States.
Everything in my life was going fine. Then, I took Denise’s workshop…all I can say is “Wow!” I had no idea how much more amazing life could be!
Sarah Henderson

Knowing the Big Picture for my life has made such a difference in everything!
Carl Pointer