I’m so delighted that you’re on this journey with me. During our time together, we will be going deep to find what’s holding you back. Through a number of powerful activities and processes, you’ll unearth your limiting beliefs about money and health so that you can live your purpose. By working together to devise foolproof strategies, you will begin to live your most delicious life ever! Yahooooooooo!!!

By signing up for this journey, I ask that you commit 100% to yourself and to the program.

This program has changed my life, and it will change yours as well when you dive in with gusto.


In the days leading up to the start of the program, I will be sending some e-mails with additional information. Please keep an eye out for these e-mails as they will contain everything you need to know to get the most out of this program. If you’d like to use an e-mail address that’s different from the PayPal address you used to register, please let me know right away.

I’m really looking forward to savoring each day with you! We’re going to have so much fun!

Here’s to living deliciously!

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As a special bonus, you will receive a private coaching session with me (one 60-minute session that you can schedule to take place any time between now and one week after the conclusion of the program).

Please schedule that session NOW. Space is limited and spots will fill quickly. The sooner you sign up, the better chance you’ll have of getting your preferred date/time. I’m looking forward to connecting with you! can’t wait to see you!! (Coaching sessions will be conducted by video chat.)

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please remember that these times are in the Pacific Time zone. It is your responsibility to calculate the time difference and be present for your session at the correct day and time. If for some reason you’re unable to be available for your session, please give me 24 hours notice. This is because I spend time preparing and centering before each session in order to give you the most powerful experience possible. Coaching sessions will ONLY be rescheduled for emergencies. As the coaching session is a special bonus for this course, it must take place between now and one week after the end of the course. After that time, this offer will be void.

You can contact me at meadow@meadowlinn.com if you have questions. (If you are overseas, I’m delighted to work with you to find a time that works for both of our schedules.)


“Chakra Meal” Menu and Recipes

This downloadable e-booklet will give you everything you need to create a meal that enhances all the energy centers of your body!


Connecting with Your Kitchen Angel!

by Denise Linn

 Savor Your Life!

Improve Your Health, Increase Your Abundance, & Live Your Purpose