Dearest Shamanic Voyager,


We are so delighted you’re joining us for this spiritual odyssey. We are looking forward to a transformative 28-days with you as we track the unseen. 


If you’ve ended up on this page, you are officially registered. Yippee!!!


PLEASE NOTE: You are registered using the address you use for PayPal. If you would like to receive the program at a different e-mail address, you MUST let Meadow know (meadow@meadowlinn.com). Also, please check your “spam” and “promotions” folder for emails from us.



Please join our private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1099186174032488
You can also search for the group by name. It’s called “Tracking the Unseen: 28 Day Shamanic Journey.”


If you have any questions, please contact Meadow at meadow@meadowlinn.com or call 1-415-88-SAVOR (1-415-887-2867).



Denise and Meadow


P.S. The charge on your credit card or PayPal statement will show up as “Savor the Day.”



A note from Denise and Meadow: We ask for your patience in advance. We don’t have staff. (We are a very small team of two – mother and daughter. Meadow is a single mom of two toddlers. Often she will be watching James and baby Clara while supporting you during the program. If you’ve had a toddler, you know how challenging this can be at times.) We will do our best to get back to you and to support you on this amazing journey, but please be patient with us. We might have some misspellings, despite our best efforts. (Denise is dyslexic so spelling is a challenge for her.) We are not experts at technology.

We will e-mail you the program every day. We will be with you every day in our Facebook Group and during our daily webinars.

Even though we are a team of two and might not do everything as perfectly as we would like, we will move heaven and earth to create an experience for you that is profoundly meaningful and that can potentially transform your life and the lives of others.