A 28-Day Voyage into the Mysteries

of the Cosmos & Your Soul



Be at home with yourself.

Be at home on the planet.

Be at home in the Universe.

Join us for an incredible journey that will take you to the far reaches of the Universe,

as well as the far reaches of your soul.


With daily exercises, profound guided meditations, and on-going support from a like-minded community,

join Denise Linn with her brother Dr. Brand Fortner, astrophysicist and professor,

and Meadow Linn for a mystical quest into inner and outer space.

This is a healing journey!

Your life will not be the same, in seemingly miraculous and wondrous ways.

Our lives, which are each a kind of spiritual quest, may be fraught with uncertainties; however, it’s through this sojourn that we transform, heal, and bring greater love and awareness into our lives and into the world. Time Traveling—which is the ability to travel from one place to another—beckons us to learn and grow, as we traverse ancient and present day passageways in search of what is real and authentic.


In science fiction, Time Traveling is usually done with a Time Machine; however, during our 28 days together, you are going to be time traveling using the power of your imagination. The purpose of this kind of time traveling goes much deeper. You won’t just be viewing the world, you’ll be experiencing and imagining it in ways that will awaken greater awareness, unleash powerful feelings, and create new pathways into your future.

From physics to metaphysics…

From the mystical realm to the physical realm…

Here are just a few of the subjects that are covered in this exciting new program:


  • Shamans and the Stars
  • What is the Universe?
  • Beginner’s Guide to the Visible Universe
  • How to Create Your Own Moon Magic
  • Calling Down the Sun
  • Are We Alone in the Universe? Who’s Out There?
  • The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
  • Messengers and Messages from Beyond Our Galaxy
  • Activating the Landscape of Your Soul
  • The Powerful Secret Alchemy of Clutter Clearing
  • Where Do You Come from? Where Are You Going?
  • The Shadow Universe: Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy
  • Inner Travel to Vast Reaches of Space: Shores of Eternity
  • The Big Bang…and Beyond
  • Is Time Travel Possible? How to Become a Time Traveler
  • The art of invisibility – Learn How
  • Myths and Legends: the Light at the Center of our Solar System


Additionally, your Time Traveler journeys wills be accompanied by fascinating scientific research, facts, and information regarding the Universe, provided by renowned professor of astrophysics, Dr. Brand Fortner.

There may be times when it seems that Denise and her brother (Dr. Brand Fortner) are at opposite ends of the spectrum of belief, and in fact they often are. He comes from the perspective of physics and she comes from the vantage point of metaphysics. But following the middle path means hearing all points of view to find your way forward.


This program is Denise’s most mystical (and yet also her most down to earth).


Get ready to clear blockages and limitations that have kept you from truly feeling and being at home with yourself and the Universe.

In mystical ways, once you enroll in this course, the forces of the Universe will coalesce to propel you forward toward your destiny. Beneath conscious awareness, powerful, positive transformations will begin to occur in your life, all in accordance with your highest good.


During the 28-Day Program, You will receive DAILY GUIDANCE that includes:


LIVE WEBINARS: Every day you will have an opportunity to watch a LIVE webinar on Facebook with Denise, Brand, Meadow, or another incredible presenter. These will be a blend of physics and metaphysics. You will have an opportunity to use this information to balance your spiritual experience with scientific evidence. Gain powerful information about the Mysteries of the Universe! (And learn how these mysteries can affect your life.)


TIME TRAVELER INITIATIONS: Every day you will be traveling the cosmos in your mind’s eye…and at the same time deepening your connection to home (planet Earth and your own personal history). You will be going in-depth into the consciousness of your own life, planet Earth, and the universe to clear energy blockages, understand the meaning of why you are here, hear messages from beyond, and infuse and radiate light into the galaxy and beyond. You will be amazed at what a difference this can make in your life.


THE TIME TRAVELER HANDBOOK: An in-depth guide to exploring the landscapes of planet Earth, historical periods on Earth, and your personal past for powerful personal transformation.


AUDIO MEDITATIONS: Deepen your exploration of your inner and outer Universe. These immersive meditations can have a profound and healing effect on your life. Activate even more light into your life as you travel through time and space.


PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS: Sometimes past lives have a way of holding us back in the present time and place. You will explore and release limitations from your far past.


AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: Shift your neural pathways and reprogram your brain with life affirming affirmations to uplift and support what you are ready to create in your life.


ORACLE CARD FOR THE DAY: Discover the energy for the day and your daily message from Spirit.


SONG FOR THE DAY: Music can transform our energy and raise our vibration. Shake your body, and allow the rhythm of the music to surge through you as your energy rises higher and higher!


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For over 50 years, teacher, best-selling author of over 19 books in 29 languages, Denise Linn has been guiding thousands of people all over the world in releasing fears and blockages and stepping into living an authentic and magnificent life!