Wild & Free:

Letting Go of Weight and Limitations…Stepping into Joy.


10-Day Online Retreat

If you are ready for a new cycle in life, consider joining Denise Linn (and her daughter, Meadow) for this powerful program to lighten up, drop some weight, and step into joy!

When a small group of women gather together with singular focus, strong intent, and indomitable resolve . . . magic abounds. For this reason, Denise and Meadow are putting together this small tribe of powerful women to support and empower each other as they take steps forward toward their new life.

As you lighten your emotional, spiritual, and physical burdens and make shifts in your life to drop weight, Denise will be embarking on this journey right along side you. She’s ready to let go of the extra pounds she’s gained over the last decade. This new program is incredibly close to her heart. She’ll be doing it with you to make radical changes in her own life and welcome a new beginning.


There is nothing so powerful as a woman who knows her worth
and revels in the wild magic that glows within her.

– Denise Linn


This is an incredible opportunity to work with Denise in an intimate setting. It’s been many years since she has worked with such a small group. This retreat is a rare chance to make massive change in all areas of your life in an intimate and safe environment.


The main focus of these 10 days will be on your body…thinner, leaner, stronger. Drop weight from your body and drop emotional baggage from your heart. However, there will also be an opportunity to clear inner blockages from your life, remove physical clutter from your home, and plant seeds to manifest your greatest dreams.


If you’ve wanted to experience personal time with Denise, this is your chance. She no longer does one-on-one sessions. Although she periodically offers intimate retreats at her home, the majority of the groups she works with are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of participants. So, this a remarkable opportunity to get personalized support.


During our time together:


  • Embark on shamanistic inner journeys to step into your power as a woman.

  • Activate your passion, innate intuition, divine feminine nature, and inner radiance.

  • Discover ancient wisdom to become a magnificent embodiment of strength and grace.

  • Become, even more, an empowered glorious woman.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

Limited to 10 participants


DAILY ZOOM MEETINGS: 2 live sessions a day with Denise: one in the morning (Pacific Time) to jumpstart your day (which includes interactive exercises and a daily live meditation geared just for you and the other participants) and the second one in the afternoon (Pacific Time) continues your journey.


SPECIAL PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE: Special Private Facebook page just for members of this program where we can communicate with each other every day during our retreat. 


PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS: You will receive three private coaching sessions: You will have 2 one-hour sessions with Meadow Linn and one 30-minute coaching session with Denise.


BONUS: 10-Day Detox & Reset Program: Receive daily e-mails from this respected program to contribute to your health and well being.


BONUS: 9 Audio Meditations to play again and again. These audios will help reprogram your subconscious mind for health and well-being.


Have you gained extra weight during the pandemic? While you’ve been focusing on avoiding COVID, taking care of your family, and trying to earn a paycheck, have you let your nutrition and exercise take a backseat? Are you more tired in the morning or does your body feel achier than normal? Is your physical energy at the level you’d like it to be? Is your brain sharp and clear, or could it benefit from some changes to your health and wellness routine? Or has weight just kind of crept up on you.

In addition to physiological imbalances, being overweight can be caused by certain thoughts and feelings. During this retreat, begin to release these blockages so you can begin to have the body you desire without resorting to artificial ’solutions’ dependent upon drugs, pills or dieting.


Here’s an overview of our 10 days together:


Gain clarity about your life. Create your intentions. Build community.





Detox people, items, and activities from your life. Clutter clearing!


What motivates you? What inspires you to make radical changes to your health?





Create action steps!
Build Your Beautiful Future with joy and fun.


Choose the foods, affirmations, and movement that are right for your body.





Maintain your health and wellness goals. Move forward with grace and joy.


Call for your guides, guardians, and spirit helpers. They are here to help!





Savor Your Life!
Clear blockages, open your heart, radiate lightness.


Find your inner rhythm and groove. Activate Your Heart Chakra.




DAY 10

Activate Your Future!
Radiant life-force surges through you! It begins today.

Some of the areas we will address during our sessions:


  • You will be Introduced to dropping weight through Inner Meditative Journeys.

  • Create an Inner Template for your ideal weight.

  • Clear emotional blockages.

  • Embark on powerful shamanic journeys.


  • Trace and clear your female bloodline.

  • Journey into past lives to clear limitations in your present life.

  • Clear unneeded energy strands from your energy field.

  • Learn powerful methods to clear your home and environment.

  • Discover how sound clearing and space clearing can lighten your energy.


  • Become a courageous woman.

  • Initiate and celebrate your ecstatic life force.

  • Gain secrets of feminine radiance and intuition.

  • Activate the glory and pleasure of being a woman.

  • Learn the art of adornment, nurture your body.

Why 10 Days?

Research shows that it takes approximately 21 days to create a new habit. However, 21 days can feel daunting for some people. Ten days, however, is totally doable! And, you’ll be well on your way to creating healthy and fun new habits. This program will dramatically change how you approach each day, what you eat, and how you think. It won’t necessarily be easy, but the reward will be huge. It’s human nature to lose motivation when faced with a long, slow uphill. This program is a sprint to jumpstart your body to clear emotional blockages, crave healthy, nourishing foods, and train your brain to experience increased joy. No matter how busy you are, you can find the time to carve out just 10 days to massively change your life. After the 10 days, you’ll be able to slow down your pace and find a rhythm that works for your body and your lifestyle.




It won’t be an accident who else in in this group. There is a frequency match that occurs that ensures that the exact right people are present. This is a 10-day program to drop physical and emotional weight from your body and reset your mind, body, and spirit, and it’s much easier to be successful when doing this with others. The community can help empower and support you. It’s important to celebrate every success, and it’s helpful to have others cheering you on as you make big shifts to your health and wellness. (Denise always says that the Creator sends her the BEST people.)

Message from Denise:


I’m really looking forward to getting to know you. Our gathering feels like we are fulfilling an ancient promise to meet again in this life.

This program is very close to my heart. It is designed to help reprogram your subconscious mind with powerful hypnotic guided inner journeys, transformative exercises, and laser clutter clearing. Together we can do it!

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